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  • 1. May 09, 2014 12:48 pm
    It took a lot of guts to buy this after reading some of the one and two star weitrr reviews. However, after years of suffering from wax burns and irritated skin from every other form of removal and because I could never hope to get the job done with teezers I was willing to give it a try especially after seeing it in Oprah's favorite finds list.I almost rated it 4 stars because it is tricky to figure out how to use it but felt it deserved a 5 because it gets the job done.The second I found the REM in my mailbox, I ripped it out of the package (it was 11PM when I got my mail) and proceeded to experiment for the next hour and a half.Since then, I've ravaged my entire face, removing all of my man hair and some! I had spots above my eyebrows, on my cheeks, jaw line, unibrow, chin, under my ears alllllll over the place! Yes, we're mammals and are supposed to have the stuff but as an olive skinned, dark haired female, it screams I'm here with any amount of light.Here's the scoop:- It works like a charm on the face.- I tried it on my bikini line (look, can't blame a gal for trying). It does not work there very well mainly because of the angle but suspect if someone was willing to assist (naaah. Not really, would not recommend)- I tried it on my legs. Nope, not good there either. It's just too much surface area and the angle is strange there also.- If you are going to work around the brows/eyes, careful it snags to hair it does not discriminate and if you're like me you will just want to get it all, and, before you know it, you will have caught half your eyebrown and accidentally rip it off. I almost did that the trick is stop, unbend gently and pull each end away from the middle. I almost paniced would have been not good. You will laugh, but, I used some scotch tape to cover my brows to work around the top part of my eyebrow and it worked.How I was able to get it to work:- The best way: Follow the instructions bend it and twirl back and forth both fingers in both fingers out fast as you push the device FIRMLY against your skin AGAINST the hair folicle.I tried it the way a weitrr recommended by twirling in opposite directions. Though it did work, not as effectively as above.I also tried holding one side and twirling the other not as effective.I tried it slightly bent: it works but depends on the countour of your face. I found that it worked well like this on the top of my cheek.I worked on my unibrow with it standing up, slightly bent, twirling one end while holding the other it worked not as well as if I had used it the right way, but I eliminated a lot of hair.I don't know if it was psychological or not, but did find that if it was not working for me, I would swich/flip it. It almost seemed like there was a right way' to use it.THE EFFECTS:- Both my cheeks (the top) looked and felt sun burned but recovered well woke up and it was gone.- The first few twirls were painful but after a while, the pain feels no worse than plucking not as bad as waxing.- Had a couple pimples break out in unusual spots after the first use but none after.BOTTOM LINE:- It took me 2 hours of playing/twirling/experimenting before I felt like I mastered it. I can do it my sleep now so easy.- It gets the job done but certainly takes some effort, especially the first go around. Since I obliterated 98% of my facial hair within the first 72 hrs of owning it, I just do maint'ce now. It's been a week and don't think the device has plucked a new hair yet. The effects seem lasting.I highly recommend it but remember: BE PATIENT~!

    — Posted by Mido
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