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Flaunting Your Youthful Image

Accessories are powerful age signifiers. Even though accessories are only a part of what we are wearing they play a much bigger part than their size. Not only are we paying more attention to accessories but there are also a lot more trendy and fashionable accessories to choose from than ever before. The accessories have to look good with what you are wearing but they also have to underline the visual age you want to convey. With this guide to youthful accessories you can further flaunt your youthful image.

Clothes and accessories play an equally important part in signalling our age to others. Clothes are the basic tool you can use in communicating your visual age, and accessories can be used to refine these signals. With our clothes we can give a very good indication of our age but often it is the accessories that underline peoples' perception of our age.

All accessories are not equally important, either in our wardrobe or in being age signifiers. Sometimes it is better not to wear certain kinds of accessories because they may make you look older. Here is an overview of what the different types of accessories can do for you when you want to look younger-from top to toe.


It has not been popular for women to wear hats since the 1950s. Only at certain occasions like weddings and funerals are hats sometimes worn by some women. In general young women do not tend to wearing hats, and therefore hats will not give a youthful look. Out in the sun, however, it is important to wear a hat or cap if you want to protect yourself from the sun's rays. And in cold weather hats are also functional.

Hair bands

Hairbands are first of all of functional value. If you have long hair, hair bands and hair slides often come in handy. Hair bands can be scarves worn as hair bands or regular hair bands in metal or plastic. Using scarves will give the most youthful look. Hair slides should be as discreet as possible.


Jewellery is popular with all age groups. Generally fewer young women than older women wear earrings. When women get their hair cut shorter-as they tend to do as they age-they also start wearing earrings. Earrings can of course be worn with all hair lengths but they tend to make the most sense if you have short hair. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


Some people need glasses to see. In some cases people choose to use eyewear as a way of looking younger-which they can if they wear the right kind of eyewear. See section on eyewear. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


Sunglasses are important not only for protecting the area around the eyes against the sun's wrinkle-advancing rays but also because they are important in signaling your desired visual age. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


A necklace can complement a style but like other kinds of jewellery you have to be aware that many types of necklaces may make you look older, especially simple, conservative necklaces.

A necklace should often match earrings because they are worn relatively close to each other, and the necklace should also complement the clothing. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


Scarves do not play an important role as an accessory to radiate youthfulness as they are mostly used by elderly women.


A watch sends powerful signals because most people wear a watch. Some people are using their cell phone or music player as their watch-and this goes especially for young people. However watches in trendy styles can still be used to signal youthfulness. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


Bracelets are hugely popular with young people. Choose to wear many on one wrist.


If you like to wear rings the rings you should do so but follow the trends to effectively signal youthfulness. Rings should be somewhat oversized and worn on any finger, except your thumb.


Bags have become a very important accessory that can be used to convey your desired visual age. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.


Gloves do not play an important role as an accessory. Are only important for keeping warm.


In some cases belts are part of what is fashionable, and then they should be used like other fashionable accessories.


Nylon stockings are also under the influence of fashion. They should match the trendy clothing style.


Shoes are perhaps the most important accessory we have at our disposal if we want to look younger. As we grow older there is a tendency towards wearing more comfortable shoes. If comfortable shoes convey youthfulness then this is perfect but that is rarely the case. See our suggestions in our StyleGuide.

As with clothes the most youthful accessories are what the trendsetters are wearing. The editors of Look Younger Magazine keep track of how the trendsetters are dressing and this insight information we present in the Look Younger Magazine StyleGuide.

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