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How to Beat Cellulite

Just like the skin of the face, the skin of the body changes as we age. The skin on the body gets looser and more wrinkled. The wrinkling of the skin on body is also heavily influenced by how much tanning the body has been subjected to: the more tanning and sunbathing, the more wrinkles. But also weight loss and weight gain can change the skin of the body and make it looser.

Loose skin and wrinkles are not the only biological phenomena that affect the skin of the body. Women have more fat cells on the stomach, hips and thighs than men, and this is the reason why many women get cellulite. Celluite is something that to many women is a very negative-and age revealing-irritant.

Cellulite is fat depositories in the connective tissues that makes the skin look granulated, waffly, and bumpy. People often compare it to the skin of an orange. It is more prone to happen to women who are overweight but because cellulite is due to hormonal changes and genetics it can happen to all body types.

Eight out of 10 women will get cellulite. For them the cellulite will become more pronounced with age if not treated. And the longer the cellulite is untreated the longer it will take to get rid of.

Getting rid of cellulite is like getting rid of other body fat: exercise and healthy eating habits are important. However, there is also a third anti-cellulite weapon: massage. Massage affects the blood circulation which is important because fat tissues have bad blood circulation. This is the reason why fluids and waste will 'incapsule' in the fat tissue. With a daily anti-cellulite massage in the area with cellulite it is possible to reduce the cellulite by increasing the blood circulation in the cellulite area.

Anti-cellulite Massage How-to

  1. Place the leg you want to massage on a chair. Make sure that you stand comfortably.
  2. Start by placing both hands above the knee with the thumbs on the upper side of the thigh.
  3. Press lightly and move your hands upwards making circles or strokes.
  4. When you have reached as high on the tips you can get, start again from the knees and up.
  5. Al massaging movements must be upwards.
  6. Repeat 10-15 times.
  7. Then do the back of the thigh, and the other leg, if necessary.
  8. You can use a massage cream to give a smoother massage.

The massage has to be done once a day when you start treating the cellulite. When the cellulite is gone you can do the anti-cellutie massage every other day. You can use a hamp glove or a massage brush if your fingers are not strong enough to do 5 minutes of massage on each leg.

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