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Firmer Breasts

Young breasts are normally thought of as firm breasts. As with other parts of the body the breasts also change with age-often they start to sag. How much depends upon biological age, their size and how much physical activity is done without the support of a sports bra.

Some kinds of sports will accelerate sagging breasts. This can be the case when not wearing a sports bra during aerobic exercise, such as running, basketball or similar activities where there is continuous bouncing of the breasts. This kind of movement can end up loosening the tissue of the breasts and make them sag. Therefore, when doing any kind of aerobic exercise a sports bra is recommended.

Some kinds of traveling, commuting, and working may put the same stress on the breasts as a workout. Just by regular biking and fast walking breasts move up and down. And as more people are on the go this is worth paying attention to. So bras can have a preventive function. Today many comfortable bras have been streamlined for a smooth look under body-hugging clothes, and new fabrics help keeping the bra dry against the skin.

Short of plastic surgery there is little to be done about sagging breasts when naked. But when clothed a bra can help breasts look firmer. There are many different typess of bras, for different occasions and different types of clothing. If you want a bra that will make breasts sag less you should use the Bra Selection Guidelines.

Bra Selection Guide

Bra type What they do Who should use them
Unlined bras: Regular support, wireless Give support to breasts Women with non-sagging breast to prevent getting sagging breasts
Lightly lined bras: Extra support, often a wire Raise breasts Women with moderately sagging breasts
Padded bras: Extra padded bra cups, with or without wire Give fuller breasts Women with sagging and/or shrinking breasts
Push-up bras: Extra support and extra padded bra cups Raise breasts and give cleavage Women with sagging breasts who want full-looking breasts
Separate silicone shaping bra cups Give natural look and feel of cleavage Women who want full-looking breasts with discreet solution

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  • 339. October 24, 2014 5:59 am
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  • 340. October 24, 2014 6:23 am
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  • 341. October 24, 2014 6:47 am
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