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Using Make-up
The Youthful Way

Make-up is the classic tool for disguising a woman's age. But using make-up is no guarantee that you'll look younger. It is about using the right style of make-up-and the right colors. This is because various make-up colors and various make-up styles convey very different signals about age. If you want to use make-up that conveys youthful signals you have to wear make-up that is trendy.

Women have many different approaches to make-up: Some wear nothing; others wear a lot of make-up. In general it is an excellent age concealer but if a woman wears a lot of make up it can make other people aware that she wears make-up to camouflage a certain age.

Make-up in itself does not necessarily make someone look younger. Some women find a certain make-up that they like and will apply the same kind of make-up year after year after year. If they do not realize that make-up styles change over time, they will end up applying a make-up style that is outdated and people will think, "Why is she wearing make-up that makes her look old?"

But make-up can help women look younger, and there are two very different ways that this can be done:

  • Make-up can conceal age-related facial changes
  • Make-up trends can be used as visual age signifiers

If you want to learn about using make-up to conceal wrinkles, you can use the Age Concealing Make-Up Guidelines. If you want to learn about the make-up trends for different age groups, you can continue to the Visual Age Make-Up Guide. You can choose to use only one of the guides or both. When studying the two guidelines there may be options that will be contradictory. This is because what works best to conceal a certain age may not be what is trendy to certain age groups.

Both guidelines are inspirational guides that take into account that people have different facial features and different skin tones. Because it is impossible to give detailed instructions for all face types, the guideliness give only general instructions.

Using make-up to conceal age

The basic elements in age-concealing make-up are concealer sticks and foundations. A concealer stick is used on smaller areas that need the most covering-up while foundation is used on larger areas. Normally the concealer stick is used first before foundation is rubbed on the skin on top of the area covered with a cover stick.

Concealers are thicker and more opaque than regular foundation makeup. A concealer will not work well on the thin, delicate skin around the eyes, since it will often be visible in the creases. In this area you should use a regular fluid foundation. And if you use the foundation during the day it should have a high Sun Protection Factor. A waterproof concealer has obvious advantages.

The important thing to remember is that while it is easy to use a cover stick and foundation to cover skin completely this does not necessarily make you look any younger. When other people can see that a lot of cover make-up has been used many will also automatically think that this must be about concealing age. Concealing make-up should not cover any more skin than absolutely necessary. This will make the skin look natural.

The key to looking as natural as possible is to pick a concealer stick and a foundation that looks exactly like your complexion without any make-up. Before you buy a concealer stick or foundation that you have not used before you should always try it on your facial skin first.

The best way to find the concealer stick and foundation is to put 3-5 foundations on the skin of the face at the same time. Then you will typically see that there are differences in the color of the foundations-and you can pick the one that is most like your complexion. If the first 5 you try are not exactly right, you should try on 5 more. If you have a pale complexion and cannot find a foundation that is exactly like your skin color, go for one that is lighter rather than darker. The opposite is the case, if your complexion has a little bit of color-then you should go for a foundation that is darker rather than lighter. Also remember to choose a foundation that is matte if your complexion is shiny. If your complexion is not shiny you can consider a more radiant tone to the foundation.

The concealer stick should also be the same color as your complexion-and the foundation. And the same guidelines in choosing a foundation apply to cover sticks. If you can find a concealer the exact same color as your skin tone, you may not always have to use a foundation on top of it.

In the Age Concealing Make-Up Guidelines there is advice on which situations that call for using a comcealer stick. The Age Concealing Make-Up Guidelines also give an overview of your options when using make-up to conceal wrinkles.

As mentioned neither concealer stick nor foundation should be used to cover more skin than absolutely necessary. By choosing concealer stick and foundation in the same color as your complexion you don't have to cover skin that does not need covering. And skin that is not covered with make-up will always look more natural than skin covered with make-up.

Age Concealing Make-Up Guidelines
Find the wrinkle type that you want to conceal. Read the accompanying make-up suggestion. Do not use more make-up than necessary.

Wrinkle type Make-up suggestions
Forehead lines Strong focus on mouth will take attention away from forehead.
Worry lines between the eyebrows Often eye shadow will take away attention from this area.
Dropping eyebrows Sometimes you can 'elevate' eyebrows using make-up. See instructions below.
Drooping eyelids Make upper lashes as long as possible, and make them turn up. Brush eye shadow upwards to sides. Keep it toned down.
Crow's feet Strong focus on lashes without looking made-up'. Brown or dark gray mascara will often work best to accomplish this. Gray is often best for pale skin, whereas brown is better for a 'warm' complexion. A cover stick will sometimes disguise some of the wrinkles.
Pouchy eyes Make both upper and lower lashes as long as possible.
Dark circles under eyes Use cover stick before foundation. Apply a little eye shadow in a skin tone under the eyes.
Mouth wrinkles Use lipstick pencil to prevent lipstick from running. Use lipstick color that matches skin tone. Lipstick and lipstick pencil must be same color.
Discoloration etc. Use cover sticks and foundations that look natural to your skin tone.

Eyebrow lift with make-up

With respect to eyebrows there is not one particular shape that is more youthfull and others. It is up to you to decide which shape you want, for instance, full at the center and thinning towards the sides. You will probably get the best result if you keep the natural shape of your eyebrow. If you normally remove hairs on the upper side of the eyebrow you should let them grow out before visually lifting your eyebrow.

What to use:

  • A pair of slanted tweezers or a razor blade
  • An eyebrow pencil in the color of your eyebrows, or one shade darker
  • A close-up mirror

How to visually lift an eyebrow

  1. Color the upper half of the eyebrow where there are hairs with an eyebrow pencil so you know where not to remove hair.
  2. Start slowly at the side with the tweezers or the razor blade to remove hairs at the bottom part of the eyebrow that have not been colored.
  3. It is important that the eyebrow does not 'disappear' at the sides.
  4. Stop when you have reached one third of the eyebrow from the side.
  5. Continue to remove hair from the bottom of the eyebrow but do it so that you leave more and more hair towards the eyebrow closest to the nose.
  6. Color the rest of the eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil.
  7. If the eyebrow is too thin use the eyebrow pencil to add a little color to the skin just above the eyebrow.
  8. The final result should look as natural as possible.

If you color your hair you may also want to color the eyebrows. They should be colored one shade lighter or darker than the hair. This will give the most natural look, and as always this is what looks most youthful.

Using make-up to look younger

When looking for make-up that signals a specific age you should get inspiration from the general trend in make-up, not what is faddish for one season with maybe just one company. Make-up that looks youthful follows current trends in make-up. Only make-up trends that many people wear will help signal the desired visual age. Using make-up to look younger is about following the long-term trends, not fads.

Visual Age Make-Up Guide

How to use the Guide

  1. Pick the colors that are right for your visual age in the Color Trend Key.
  2. Get tips on applying the make-up that will work best for your visual age in the Age-specific Applying Guidelines. The guidelines combine descriptions of what is trendy for each visual age group with tips on what generally works best for each age group. You can combine different age groups from the Color Trend Key and the Age-Specific Applying Guidelines to get the visual age that is right for you.
  3. Consult the Skin-type Adjustment Guidelines to adjust the make-up colors
    to your specific skin type. Make sure that the final result makes you look and feel good.

A. Color Trend Key
Colors apply both to day and evening use. Day make-up should be more discreet than evening make-up. During the day you may choose not to use, for instance, eye shadow, rouge, or lipstick.

Product Age you want to convey Mascara Eyeliner
(if any)
Eye shadow Eyebrow pencil Lipstick/ lipstick pencil
20s Black or dark grey Black or dark grey Dark grey metallic Color that enhances eyebrow color Bright red
30s Black or dark grey Black or dark grey


Color that enhances eyebrow color Bright red
40s Black or dark grey Black or dark grey Purple metallic Color that enhances eyebrow color Red
50s Black Black Café latte, if any Color that enhances eyebrow color Rose-pink
60s Black Black Light blue,
if any
Color that enhances eyebrow color Pink

B. Age-specific Applying Guidelines

Product Age group Mascara* Eyeliner (same color as mascara) Eye shadow Eyebrow pencil Rouge Lipstick/ Lipstick pencil
20s Can be used inside eye lashes, if fashionable.
40s Lipstick pencil will prevent lipstick color from feathering, 'bleeding', or otherwise migrating into the skin around the lips.
50s If warm skin tone, use dark brown mascara. If pale skin tone, use dark grey mascara. Should be used discreetly below the lower eye lashes. (on eyelid only) Very important
60s If warm skin tone, use dark brown mascara. If pale skin tone, use dark grey mascara. Should be used discreetly below the lower eye lashes (on eyelid only) Very important

* Will always depend on hair color. Mascara color must look natural in relation to eyebrows and hair colors

C. Skintype Adjustments Guidelines

Skintype 1: Very light skin, reddish hair Choose lighter version of colors
Skintype 2: Light skin, blond hair Choose lighter version of colors
Skintype 3: Olive colored skin, brown hair No adjustments
Skintype 4: Brown skin, dark brown hair No adjustments
Skintype 5: Dark brown skin, black hair Choose stronger versions of some colors
Skintype 6: Black skin, black hair Choose stronger versions of some colors

Usually adjustments do not have to be made for eye color, though very light colored eyes may work best with more discreet make-up colors.


For some women well-cared-for hands and feet are also about nail polish. Some people find painted nails beautiful, and painting nails is especially worth doing when the nails change color because of age, typically turning the nails more yellow.

Like other types of cosmetics nail polish is also affected by trends. You can get inspiration on which color nail polish to use in the Age Group/Nail Color Guidelines.

Age Group/Nail Color Guidelines

  1. What visual age do you want to convey? You may want to convey the same age as in make-up.
  2. Pick the color that represents your visual age.
  3. You can pick different age groups for nails and toes but the age groups you choose should be next to one another. For instance, if you choose the age group 40s for fingernails, you can choose either 30s or 50s for toenails.

Finger Nail Colors

Age group Youthful finger nail colors that represent each age group Length of nails
Look like someone in her 20s Dark blue Short
Look like someone in her 30s Dark grey Shortish
Look like someone in her 40s Light grey Shortish
Look like someone in her 50s Light pink-peach Longish
Look like someone in her 60s Red Long

Toe Nail Colors

Age group
Youthful toe nail colors that represent each age group
Look like someone in her 20s None or clear
Look like someone in her 30s None or clear
Look like someone in her 40s None or clear
Look like someone in her 50s Light pink-peach
Look like someone in her 60s Red

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