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A Close Look at the Body

When they want to look younger many people focus on the face and underestimate what the body reveals about their age. But just as many people know what a young face looks like, they also know what a young body looks like. In everyday life we notice that young people are slimmer and have better posture than older people. In other words, the body is one big giveaway of our age-with or without clothes. Age related to the body is not just about weight but also about height and posture.

We learn to interpret certain signs about the body from personal experience, from watching other people, and from what we learn from science through the media. Therefore, when we look at a person's body, automatically there are several signs that reveal the person's age to us.

It is obvious that people often put on weight as they grow older. Statistics confirm this, and biology explains that it happens because our metabolism changes as we grow older. So most people are aware that young people-in general-tend to be slimmer than old people.

Statistics also document that each new generation born since the Second World War has been taller than the previous one. Today, for instance, the average young woman is taller than her mother and her grandmother. Therefore, many people are aware that young women tend to be taller than old women.

Sports and exercise are something that we mostly see young people do, and we notice that there are fewer old people doing sports and exercise. This means that we learn that young people tend to have fitter bodies than old people.

As we grow older our body language changes. We become more hesitant, we have less flexible bodies and are less agile. These are well-known biological facts that are known to most people.

The bone structure of our bodies starts changing when we reach a certain age. For women especially the bone structure is affected by the hormonal changes that are connected to menopause. There may be other reasons why a woman slouches more as she ages. But many people know that both young women and young men tend to stand more erect than old women and old men.

So we know what makes us look older in the eyes of the world (and in our own eyes as well). But on the other hand we also know what can make us look younger:

  • If you are slim, you are younger looking
  • If you are tall, you are younger looking
  • If you have a good posture, you are younger looking
  • If you are fit, you are younger looking
  • If you are agile, you are younger looking

The first step in changing people's perception of one's age is taking these facts into account. If something can be done on one or more of these aspects of the body, it can help you look younger.

Weight Issues

Most people gain weight as they grow older-mainly because their metabolism changes. If we keep eating the same number of calories when growing older that we ate when young we will eventually gain weight. There are also other reasons why people gain weight, and there are many good reasons to avoid it. Health is one of them but it is also about looking youthful.

If you want to prevent weight gain, avoid gaining more weight, or lose weight you have gained as an adult you should adopt The Look Younger Magazine Weight Control Program. This program is about changing food shpping and eating habits.

Looking Tall

The statistics speak loud and clear: today's young women are taller than the previous generation. When comparing women in a young age group and in an old age group we can see that there is a more than one inch difference in the typical height between women in their 30s and women in their 60s.

Height and Age Comparison

Age group Median height*


5 ft 4 (163 cm)


5 ft 3 (160 cm)

Note: Numbers relate to Caucasian women, the tallest group
*Median height: This measure divides the age distribution into two equal parts: one-half of the population falling below the median value and one-half above the median value
Models and Miss America contestants are taller than these averages. In the United States and in Europe top models are 178-180 cm tall.

As men also are getting taller the traditional difference in height between men and woman continues to exist.

When we reach our late teens we stop growing, and we have our permanent height. Some people will later lose height, some because of bad posture, and some because of hormonal and other changes in the body.

We cannot change our height when we have grown up. But we can work on not getting bad posture, and women can use heels to help them look taller.

To look younger by wearing heels you can use the Height and Heels Coordinating Guidelines.

Height and Heels Coordinating Guidelines

Height Heels
Under 5 ft 3 (under 160 cm) Aim for 2½ inch (6 cm) heels or higher as long as you are comfortable
5 ft 3 - 5 ft 4½ (160 - 164 cm) Aim for at least 2½ inch (6 cm) heels
5 ft 5 - 5 ft 6 (165 - 170 cm) Aim for at least 2 inch (5 cm) heels
5 ft 6½ - 5 ft 8 (171 - 176 cm) Aim for at least 1½ inch heals (4 cm) heels.
Over 5 ft 8½ (over 176 cm) Aim for 1 inch (2½ cm) heels or what makes you comfortable

You cannot wear shoes with heels all the time, of course, but use shoes with heels as much as possible-as long as the shoes, sandals, boots etc. also signal youthfulness.

Good Posture

Flexibility plays an important part in good posture. People with good posture signal alertness and youthfulness-no matter their biological age.

Slumping and a drooping head are two signs of old age but can in fact happen for different reasons. Biology and bad habits play a part. Especially in women, bone structure changes with age and can in some women result in osteoporosis, the disease that causes a person to stand and walk bent over. Until about the age of 40 bone mass is still generated in the body but after this age there will be a loss in osseous tissue. In women, this happens in connection with menopause. Women aged over 45 lose about 1 percent osseous tissue per year. Exercise with lots of movement can help reduce the loss of osseous tissue in the body. Though highly controversial, Hormone Replacement Therapy is used by some doctors to prevent loss of osseous tissue and osteoporosis. However, Hormone Replacement Therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer.

If bad posture is about bad habits when working or relaxing there is only one way of improving the posture: Change the habits and be conscious of standing, sitting, and walking as erect as possible.

In some cases a 'shoulder strap' can be used to stand more erect. A shoulder strap will press the shoulders back to their natural position. If bad posture is a serious problem a specialist doctor should be consulted.

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