How to

How to Use the StyleGuide in 5 Easy Steps

1. To get the most out of the Look Younger Magazine StyleGuide you need to know your desired visual age. You can find out how to calculate your desired visual age in the books Look Younger Without Surgery or Look the Age You Feel (Confetti Publishing) or at www.lookyoungermagazine.com.

2. When you know the age you want to look you press the button for the current season. Then you press the button for either women or men.

3. Finally, you press the button for the age that is your desired visual age. Now you can choose between a number of buttons that represent different shopping categories.

4. The photos represent clothing, shoes, sunglasses etc. that will signal your desired visual age. Have the StyleGuide at hand when you go shopping. Maybe you will have to show the photos to the person asisting you in the store to find out if this particular store has what you are looking for.

5. It is not the intention that you should get the exact same items you see in the StyleGuide photos. The photos are meant as inspiration and aim in stead at getting something in the same style that you see in the photos.